What is Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is sales and marketing automation software which is a fancy way of saying that it combines the features of an email management system (like Aweber, Constant Contact, etc), e-commerce  (like 1ShoppingCart), social marketing (via Facebook and Twiiter), AND the power of creating long-term “campaigns” based on what your contacts do (opt-in for a free report, click a link, purchase a product, download a file, register for an event, attend an event, answer a survey, etc).

With Infusionsoft, you are able to create a “customer experience” based on your contact’s behavior and profile.  Many people refer to this as lifecycle marketingThe end goal, of course, is to get more customers, grow your sales and automate as much of this process as possible.

I’ve worked with many other platforms and I’ve become a big fan of Infusionsoft for a number of reasons:

  1. Infusionsoft has a very powerful and flexible email management system. You can send solo email broadcasts to virtually any imaginable segment or combination of segments of your contact list.  (This is one of the powerful benefits of “tagging” contacts based on behavior.)
  2. Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder allows you to rapidly create and roll-out sohisticated email marketing sequences based on your contact’s preferences.
  3. You can easily see what your clients are doing on site and respond to them accordingly.  For example, if Contact A opted in for your free report but never downloaded it, you can follow up with a series of timed emails reminding him to click on the download link, offer a different report, etc.  Similarly, if Contact B purchases a product, you can automatically ask for feedback, offer discounts on related products,  schedule a one-on-one call, etc.  The possibilities are proactically limitless.
  4. You can use Infusionsoft to run the back-end customer relations portion of your business by tracking leads (opportunities), managing a sales force, assigning contacts to sales people, creating tasks, reminders, etc.   Basically, it automates the management of your sales force to track leads and prospects and move them through your sales pipeline.
  5. Support.  Infusionsoft wants happy customers and my experience with their support center has been extremely positive.

Of course, Infusionsoft does many things very well and I’ve only touched on the basics here.

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